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The Basic Roamer Company


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The very unique RoamerLite-C

Following on from the successful RoamerLite-B, our very unique RoamerLite-C (Cordless) LED illuminated map magnifier has (as many would testify!) been a long time in the design stage. Thank you for your patience. "C" has now arrived!

It's good to report that the major features of the RoamerLite-B have been carried over, specifically the ergonomic moulding, hand/hook strap and the brightness control.

  • RoamerLite-C is the first map magnifier of its kind to "go cordless"
  • Complete freedom of use.
  • No more worrying about an adapter or special wiring connector when swapping vehicles. None are required!
  • Plot in the warmth of the start venue whilst having your "Poti" at hand for those hard to see junctions.
  • Use the "C" during table top events, use the "C" anywhere!

Arrive & Drive

Whether you do not have a car or simply do not want to use your car or transport it to a HERO-ERA event, or just want to try something new, we can help.

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