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Brantz Rallymeters

Retrotrip Driver Display M

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 The Retrotrip Driver Display Unit works with either the Retrotrip 2 or Retrotrip 3 tripmeters and will sit neatly in front of the driver replicating the distance count of its parent Retrotrip.

It uses the same electro-mechanical clicking counters as the rest of the Retrotrip range that give them widespread approval.


● Single Display ◦ Total Distance • 999.99 Maximum Distance
● Independently Zeroed Display • Display Lenses for increased digit size
● 12v illumination from LED lighting under the hood • Option of Lighting ON or OFF to prevent driver glare


● Dimensions: 40 x 100 x 75mm (40 x 100 x 90mm inc Hood) (Height x Width x Depth)
● Weight: 244g (inc cable)
● Cable Length: ~1.8M

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