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Don Barrow

Don Barrow KPH Average Speed Tables

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Read like a book - Left to Right, with quick adjustment on the fly to instantly correct distance errors by selecting a corrected speed page. Forget the rest, buy the best.


KPH tables in 1 book

K1 - 00:00 to 49.98 Kilometres in distance

Speed ranges from 27.00 - 90.00 KPH

33.00 to 70.00 KPH in increments of 00.1%

200 Pages of ACCURATE data and info

Over 95,700 calculations per book

Ideal for the Beginner or Expert

1 Speed per page 00.00 or 49.99 Miles

No turning of Pages

Spiral wirewound for folding flat

Full instructions and Tripmeter Set-up

Correction Factor & Conversion Charts

Expert Know How Tips

Arrive & Drive

Whether you do not have a car or simply do not want to use your car or transport it to a HERO-ERA event, or just want to try something new, we can help.

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