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Brantz Rallymeters

Retrotrip 2 Mulsanne

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Dual Display ◦ Total Distance ◦ Intermediate Distance

The Retrotrip 2 Mulsanne has been designed for use in the majority of historic and retrospective rallies. The period tripmeter is accurate to one hundredth of a unit (miles or kilometre) and, with their electromechanical clicking digits, can be seen as 'fiddle proof' hence their widespread approval.


● Calibrated via (protected) push-wheel switches on the underside of the Meter.
● 999.99 Maximum Total Distance
● 999.99 Maximum Intermediate Distance • Can be calibrated to read in Miles or
● LIMITED EDITION Mulsanne Model has ALL WHITE digits
● Independently Zeroed Displays
● Display Lenses for increased digit size
● Suitable for both Positive & Negative earthed vehicles.
● 12v illumination from bright LED lighting under the hood
● Driver Display Unit Connectivity as Standard


● Requires 12V Power Supply
● Dimensions: 67 x 117 x 73mm (70 x 142 x 85mm inc Mounts & Hood) (Height x
Width x Depth)
● Weight: 558g (inc cables)
● Cable Length: ◦ Power Cable ~1.2M ◦ Sensor Cable ~1.9M

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