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Brantz Rallymeters

International 3 Pro

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  • Triple Display (Red LEDs ~ 15mm high) ◦ Total Distance ◦ Intermediate Distance ◦ Current Speed
  • Calibrated easily via push-wheel switches on the front of the Meter.
  • 999.9 Maximum Total Distance (with adjustable decimal point: 00.00 or 000.0)
  • 99.99 Maximum Intermediate Distance
  • 999 Maximum Vehicle Speed
  • Can be calibrated to read in Miles or Kilometres. Remote Zero Unit (BR44) to operate the Intermediate Display - INCLUDED
  • Zero, Forward, Reverse and Freeze Buttons on the front face of the Meter. Plus a Stepper Knob for increasing or decreasing the total distance travelled via this manual override.

  • BRANTZ Sensor


Requires 12V Power Supply

Dimensions: 100mm x 120mm (140 inc mounting flanges) x 45mm (Height x Width x Depth)

Weight: 515g (inc cables)

Cable Length:
◦ Power Cable ~1.2M
◦ Sensor Cable ~1.9M
◦ Remote Cable ~1.8M

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